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Lars Nord

Professor of Political Communication. Lars Nord leads the research center DEMICOM, which conducts research on democracy and communication in the digital society. Lars is an internationally recognized researcher in political communication and his research on election campaigns and media is very comprehensive and well-known.

Marie Grusell

Marie Grusell

Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the research centre DEMICOM at Mid Sweden University and at University of Gothenburg. Marie researches the parties' strategic communication with a focus on social media. In 2018, Marie worked as a research leader in research on the national election campaign. As an expert on social media, Marie is often seen in various media and other forums.

Niklas Bolin

Niklas Bolin

Associate Professor (docent) in political science. His research focuses on elections, political parties and political behaviour with a specific interest in populist radical right parties, green parties and questions about party organization, e.g. intra-party democracy and party leader selection. He is an affiliated researcher of DEMICOM, Centre for Study of Democracy and Communication. Bolin is frequently interviewed by media about elections , parties and voters.

Falasca Kajsa

Kajsa Falasca

PhD in Media and Communication Studies and Assistant Professor at DEMICOM, Centre for Study of Democracy and Communication. Kajsa is researching strategic political communication in the modern media landscape. She is also a well-established expert and is frequently engaged by various media to comment on political communication.